Australia’s House of Representatives upheld the nationwide ban on same-sex marriage by 98-42, despite public opposition to the bill, the AP said. A similar bill also making its way through the Australian Senate is expected to be defeated this week as well, The Australian reported.

At least two states are now expected to endorse gay marriage, but gay marriage in Australia falls under federal jurisdiction, so the moves may not have much of an effect.

But Alex Greenwich, the head of Australian Marriage Equality, said that the states and territories taking the lead “makes me confident we will see same-sex marriages performed somewhere in Australia by the end of the year,” The Australian reported.

The vote is still considered somewhat of a victory: Last time the measure was pushed through, it received only six favorable votes.

In addition, Tasmania’s lower house passed a bill in August allowing same-sex marriage, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. The upper house is expected to consider the bill this week.