A notorious menace in one of Australia’s biggest cities was named and shamed to the point that he left his job. Brisbane’s “poop jogger” was identified as 64-year-old Andrew Douglas Macintosh, a corporate manager in the area who was caught red (or brown) handed defecating outside a local apartment complex.

Macintosh allegedly took care of business on a pathway outside an apartment complex in Brisbane dozens of times, according to The Guardian. Eventually, he was caught in early May and charged with a count of public nuisance.

One month later, Macintosh has been publicly named and resigned from his job at Aveo Group, a company that manages retirement villages.

“Aveo Group is distressed and disappointed at the alleged incidents concerning Mr. Macintosh,” a company spokesman said, per The Guardian. “He has tendered his resignation to the company today and is no longer an employee of Aveo Group.”

Aveo also said they would support Macintosh to the extent that he needed it, despite his resignation.

Macintosh allegedly left feces on the apartment pathway multiple times a week for an entire year, according to local residents. There were at least 30 feces discoveries outside the apartment in a 12-month span, prompting one resident to set up a sting operation to figure out who was doing it.

After using a night-vision camera to establish a usual time for the poop jogger to strike, a resident identified only as Steve waited outside in the early morning to catch him in the act. Steve captured the photo seen above. It turned out the poop jogger was, as his internet nickname suggested, leaving behind droppings during early morning jogs outside the apartments.

The photo was taken on May 11. At the time, Steve identified the jogger only as a married man who lived nearby but said he would not share his name unless it kept happening.

tp Brisbane's 'poop jogger' quit his job. Toilet paper rolls move down a conveyer belt for packaging at Potlatch Corporation Consumer Products Division, February 9, 2006 in Lewiston, Idaho. Photo: Jeff T. Green/Getty Images