A dispute between neighbors over alleged dog defecation ended in three people being hospitalized with gunshot wounds, according to police in Washington. Henry Castro, 62, is being accused of shooting Shawna Umphrey, 19, and Michael Bretches, 43, on Wednesday night in the southern Washington city of Yakima.

Bretches’s cousin Carl Stone reportedly witnessed the incident and gave his account to KIMA Action News. According to Stone, Bretches and Umphrey were outside in their yard when Castro, their neighbor, approached them about a problem he had.

Castro allegedly thought his neighbors were allowing their dog to poop in his yard, per Stone. After that, the situation escalated into violence.

Allegedly, Castro gripped Bretches by the neck and said something to the effect of “Now you’re gonna die” while pointing a gun at Bretches. He then reportedly threatened Stone, saying he’d fire if Stone tried to do anything.

At that point, the trio tried to run away, prompting Castro to fire. He reportedly hit Bretches and Umphrey. Bretches is said to have driven himself to a hospital before being found by police later, according to an earlier report from KIMA Action News. Umphrey and Bretches were both hospitalized for treatment.

After Castro shot the pair, he reportedly went back into his home and engaged in an hours-long standoff with police, who were positioned outside.

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“We made several attempts to have him come out. After about an hour and a half, it was decided to call the SWAT team in,” Yakima Police Department’s Mike Bastinelli told KIMA.

Once the SWAT team went inside, they found that Castro had non-fatally shot himself. By then, it was 3 a.m. According to Yakima police, Castro’s injury is life-threatening. He was in a hospital in Seattle as of Thursday, according to NBC affiliate KNDU.