Occupy Wall Street Protest: Police Arrest Author Naomi Wolf for Reciting First Amendment
Highly-regarded writer Naomi Wolf has accused renowned literary critic Harold Bloom of sexual Misconduct REUTERS/STR New

Naomi Wolf, the feminist activist and author, was arrested outside the 2011 Huffington Post Game Changers Awards in New York Tuesday as she defended Occupy Wall Street protestors.

The awards ceremony was arranged by Huffington Post at Skylight Studios and honored New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Wolf, who is a HuffPost contributor, was one of many famous people to attend the event.

About 50 protesters assembled outside the event to express their opposition to Cuomo's refusal to raise taxes on millionaires.

As Wolf was leaving the event, police officers were ordering the protesters to stay off the street. Reportedly, after hearing this, Wolf told the officers that those gathered didn't need a permit for a megaphone.

After being released from custody, Wolf wrote on her Facebook saying, I was completely complying with the law and the permit as it was described to me by police and I was arrested for standing lawfully on the sidewalk. I will post more tomorrow. Thank you for your messages of support.

Check a video footage of Wolf's arrest.