Trista Reynolds, mother of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds, is calling on prosecutors to arrest the tot’s father, Justin DiPietro, citing information police gave to her that she kept private until now.

Reynolds told CNN in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that she viewed police photos of DiPietro’s home, where Ayla was last seen in December 2011. Ayla’s mother said the pictures showed what appeared to be blood on the 20-month-old’s slippers and a doll in her bedroom. Other possible blood stains were visible on the living room sofa, she told the network.

"What I thought right off my head was it was a murder scene," Trista Reynolds said. “There was just like Ayla's blood ... everywhere.”

Reynolds is pushing for police to arrest DiPietro, but Ayla’s disappearance is still being treated as a missing person’s case, not a homicide investigation. Investigators also believe there’s slim hope that Ayla will be found alive.

Some of the photos shown to Ayla’s mother indicated possible blood stains due to a chemical used to illuminate the blood. Reynolds said the photos of DiPietro’s home became too disturbing for her to see.

"I had to actually ... I shut it off. I asked them to stop. And there were three or four more pictures that they wanted to show me, and I just ... I ... I couldn't," she said.

Reynolds also called for the arrest of DiPietro’s girlfriend and sister, who were home at the time Ayla went missing. The three are not being treated as suspects by authorities.

"All three of those people were in that house that night ... all three of them know what happened to Ayla, and all three of them should be prosecuted for it," Reynolds said.

Phoebe DiPietro, Ayla’s grandmother, did not address Reynolds' allegations in a statement sent to WCSH. But she did say the focus should be on finding Ayla.

“Trista can say and do what she wants. To the best of my knowledge [law enforcement] has not confirmed her allegations nor stated that she has been cleared as a suspect herself,” she wrote, according to the Portland television station.”I believe that the focus should remain on finding Ayla. Once Ayla is found then and only then will I think about justice. Justice is served only when all facts and evidence are known and presented in a court of law.”