Bernie Sanders is surrounded by supporters at a New York campaign fundraiser Sept. 18, 2015. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Bernie Sanders has cornered at least one demographic of American voters, if social media is any indication. It's just a shame they're too young to actually cast a ballot.

#BabiesForBernie is the latest trend to take over Twitter and Instagram, with moms throughout the U.S. posting pictures of their children dressed as the Democratic presidential candidate. The photos usually consist of a young child wearing glasses and sporting Photoshopped gray hair. It all began when a Los Angeles mom, Ashia Siegel, couldn't attend a rally for Sanders because she had to stay home with her son, Natan. A friend made a #BabyForBernie out of a picture of Natan, and it took off from there.

“I didn't have an agenda. I made the meme and was pretty shocked,” Siegel told CNN. “I had been a bit frustrated with having a newborn and locked on the couch, so it was kind of a nice way to be able to participate in the conversation and support while still being able to be with my son.”

Siegel created a website,, to sell shirts and said she plans to donate all proceeds to the Sanders campaign. There's also an official Facebook group where supporters of the Vermont senator have congregated to share articles and news items about their favorite candidate. The real highlight of the social media campaign, though, has been explosion in the number of images of babies who look like a 74-year-old man from Brooklyn.


James is ready to take on the billionaire class #babiesforbernie #feelthebern

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YUP I'M SOLD! #babiesforbernie

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