Iraqi Man In A Hospital
An Iraqi man in a hospital stands close to a family member wounded by a bomb attack in Baghdad. REUTERS

A wave of terrorist attacks targeting Shiite Muslims in Iraq left at least 30 people dead and dozens more injured Saturday as the country celebrated the second day of the Eid al-Adha festival.

Bombs were set off in Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad and along busy roadways. A bus carrying Shiite pilgrims north of Baghdad flipped over after a bomb attached to it was detonated. Others were targeted in at least two shootings.

The Iraqi government, dominated by Shiite Muslims, has blamed Sunni Muslim insurgents for the attacks, and it believes the radical Sunni terrorist organization al Qaeda was involved, according to CNN.

Insurgent attacks have continued to plague Iraq since the U.S. withdrew its troops last December. Last month, there were 365 deaths from such attacks, the highest monthly figure since August 2010.