Potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump shook hands with supporters after speaking at the Snow Shoe Club in Concord, New Hampshire, April 27, 2015. Trump unleashed a series of tweets criticizing U.S. President Barack Obama over the riots in Baltimore. REUTERS/Lisa Hornak

Business magnate Donald Trump, 68, had a few choice words for President Barack Obama and those involved with Monday night's Baltimore riots. Early Tuesday morning, Trump posted a series of tweets on social media site Twitter, letting his 2.9 million followers know exactly how he felt about the unrest that took place following the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25 year-old city resident who died while in police custody.

Trump, who has toyed with the idea of running for president in the past, used his tweets to pose questions referring to the damage done by rioters, such as, “Are the U.S. taxpayers expected to rebuild it?” Obama, who has more than 58 million followers on Twitter, didn't respond.

Freddie Gray’s death took place on April 19. He was taken into custody April 12 by Baltimore police for possession of a switchblade and died a week later from a spinal cord injury that he suffered while in custody.