• Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been beloved by the Manchester United community
  • Wan-Bissaka is known for stepping up and filling the role Antonio Valencia left
  • It is reported that Barcelona has gained interest in Wan-Bissaka

Having a crowd favorite taken away from a club is one of the more painful moves an organization can make for their fan base. This is a possible scenario for Manchester United with the rumors of Barcelona reportedly gaining interest for Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

The rise of Wan-Bissaka wasn’t as immediate when he joined Manchester United. The 22-year-old had the major task of living up to the name of Antonio Valencia at the right-back position. For years Old Trafford was graced by the presence of the Ecuadorian player who has left an astonishing legacy with the team.

The 34-year-old suited up for a total of 339 appearances with Manchester United. Throughout his stay, he scored on 25 separate occasions and even assisted on 62 goals. With the influence that Valencia has for Manchester United faithful, the expectations for Wan-Bissaka was immense.

Fortunately, the Wan-Bissaka lived up to the challenge and won the hearts of the fans. The consistency displayed by the former Crystal Palace Player of the Year has heralded him as one of the favorites in the club. The right-back has already appeared in 46 matches and has provided the much-needed energy on the pitch.

Per Red Devil Armada, Barcelona is attempting to get their hands on Wan-Bissaka in an attempt to replace Nelson Semedo. It would be a major blow for Manchester United to lose one of their beloved players given the impact and connection he’s had with the community.

If Barcelona is able to pull through with this deal, it will provide elite defensive capabilities for the club. The young star is on the rise as one of the more prominent names in the world and putting him with players such as Lionel Messi will further add to Wan-Bissaka’s development.

The next few months will be interesting to monitor given how the world is slowly transitioning into playing again. While the global pandemic remains a major threat, clubs are optimistic about returning in full force as soon as possible. It will be interesting to see how clubs such as Manchester United and Barcelona play the field and the transfer market in the near future.

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