Kim DeJesus
MLB wives Kim DeJesus (pictured) and Nicky Getz will compete for a $1 million prize as "Amazing Race 23" cast members. Twitter

For baseball fans, the upcoming season of the hit CBS series “The Amazing Race” will feature a couple of familiar faces.

Kim DeJesus, the wife of Tampa Bay Rays outfielder David DeJesus, and Nicky Getz, the wife of Kansas City Royals infielder Chris Getz, will team up compete in “The Amazing Race 23,” CBS announced Wednesday. The baseball wives will form one of 11 teams competing to win the game’s $1 million cash prize.

Getz and DeJesus reportedly “disappeared” over the summer to film their appearance in the series, reports. “We had the best time ever; it was such a great adventure,” Nicky Getz told “It was so great to have Kim with me.”

Nicky Getz
MLB wives Kim DeJesus and Nicky Getz (pictured with husband Chris Getz) will compete for a $1 million prize as "Amazing Race 23" cast members. Twitter

For Chris Getz, the news that his wife would be competing in “The Amazing Race 23” came as a bit of a surprise. “I was shocked,” he told

Still, Nicky Getz was thrilled to be included in the 35,000-mile trek. “We traveled like all over the world; it was amazing,” she told “Unfortunately we didn’t have our cell phones or email or anything, so I didn’t get to talk to Chris for a while, but other than that, it was the best experience ever.”

Chris Getz pointed out that the baseball wives picked an eventful month to leave their husbands behind. "That month was pretty interesting," Getz said. "While they were gone, DeJesus went on the DL for a separated shoulder for six weeks, and I was demoted to the Minor Leagues. So it shows how much we need our wives around."

Kim DeJesus
MLB wives Kim DeJesus (pictured left) and Nicky Getz will compete for a $1 million prize as "Amazing Race 23" cast members. Twitter

Kim and Nicky met when their husbands were each playing for the Royals, and have been close friends ever since. When “The Amazing Race” producers asked them to compete in Season 23, they accepted—but not without some hesitation. "It was harder for Kim because she has a son, so it was a little bit hard for her to decide, but at that time they were in Chicago [with the Cubs], so her parents babysat," Nicky told

Nicky and Kim aren’t the only contestants from “The Amazing Race 23” to have a connection to the sports world. Former NFL players Chester Pitts and Ephraim Salaam will also compete for the $1 million prize. A full list of "The Amazing Race 23" cast members can be found below.

The Amazing Race 23 Cast Members

Ally Mello, Ashley Covert--LA Kings Ice Crew Girls

Brandon Squyres, Adam Switzer--Childhood Friends

Chester Pitts, Ephraim Salaam--Former NFL Teammates

Hoskote Venkatesh, Naina Venkatesh--Father/Daughter

Jason Case, Amy Diaz--Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Leo Temory, Jamal Zadran--Cousins

Nicky Getz, Kim DeJesus--MLB Wives

Rowan Joseph, Shane Partlow--Best Friends/Business Partners

Tim Wiyninger, Danny Merkey--Best Friends

Tim Sweeney, Marie Mazzocchi--Exes

Travis Jasper, Nicole Jasper--Married