The national day of France, commonly known as Bastille Day, is celebrated on July 14. The formal name of the day in French is Fête Nationale.

This day is a nationwide holiday that commemorates the anniversary of the liberation of France, which is marked by the storming of Bastille, where political prisoners were held during the French Revolution in Paris in 1789. July 14 became an official holiday in 1880.

Traditional parades and events are held across the country to celebrate the day. However, since last year, celebrations have been largely muted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some quotes and wishes, collected from Next National Holiday, to share on this day:

1. "Bonne Fete Nationale! We are the proud citizens of France. Let's make our country know by our name, give it a new identity."

2. "Le Quatorze Juillet! Joyeux 14 Juillet! We all love you France."

3. "Our unity can bring down our biggest enemy. Let's make our country proud of us. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

4. "A strong nation is the one whose citizens are united and have respect and passion for their country, just like France. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

5. "Freedom has not come our way easy. It has come after a lot of sacrifices. To protect its integrity and sovereignty, always be united. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

6. "Anyone can break thin wooden sticks but it is hard to break a bundle of the same. This is the strength of unity. Happy independence day to all of you."

7. "Great actions bring great results. The french revolution is the result of the same. Let's be united always. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

8. "Let's hold the head high, like the birds, fly in the open sky. It's a happy birthday from France. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

9. "The glory of the French revolution and bastille day is unforgettable. Let's pay tribute to true leaders. Bonne Fete Nationale!"

10. "Had France not in the world, how the world would have known about romance and love. Love you France. Bonne Fete Nationale."

bastille day
The Eiffel Tower is illuminated during the traditional Bastille Day fireworks display in Paris, July 14, 2014. Reuters/Benoit Tessier