Battle Princess Madelyn
The 13th stretch goal of “Battle Princess Madelyn’s” Kickstarter has been unlocked Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project for the “Ghouls ’n Ghosts” spiritual successor, “Battle Princess Madelyn,” is getting a lot of support from interested players. So much so that the 13th stretch goal in the crowdfunding campaign has now been unlocked, allowing it to debut with support for PS Vita.

On Thursday, the campaign surpassed the CA$150,000 mark, which is already more than twice the initial funding goal of $60,000. By surpassing the figure, backers unlocked the stretch goal for the game to come to the PS Vita. The developer indicated that the CA$150,000 stretch goal will make them port the game to PlayStation’s handheld game console.

Causal Bit Games stated that the support for the PS Vita is a good option for players who do not have the Nintendo Switch. In addition to simply porting the game to the PS Vita, the developer said “by helping us to reach this goal you’ll be able to select between a PS4 or a PS Vita physical copy from Limited Run Games for ‘Battle Princess Madelyn.’”

The PS Vita copy is now an option for backers at The Connoisseur and higher tiers, or those who pledged CA$35 or more to the project. Hence, many backers can now select the PS Vita digital copy from the list of versions for various consoles, such as the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The crowdfunding project still has a long way to go, since it still has 14 days left until it closes on April 15. The challenge to interested players now is to unlock the four remaining stretch goals. The next goal is CA$160,00, and it will add a Speedrun Mode to both the Arcade Mode and the Insanity’s Blade Mode. On the other hand, the CA$170,000 stretch goal is all about plush upgrades. The Maddi mini-plush will be upgraded to a larger toy for The Tailor and higher tiers. Not only that, backers at the higher tiers are also getting a free Fritzy plush toy.

The penultimate stretch goal, which requires CA$180,000 to be unlocked, will add more hidden stages. Causal Bit Games teased that should this stretch goal get unlocked, players will get to enjoy ten more hidden stages that will be hidden inside the previously confirmed hidden stages. Sounds confusing but also fun.

The last stretch goal needs CA$200,000 to be unlocked. Given the big amount of money to unlock this goal, Causal Bit Games is promising an animated intro and an animated ending to “Battle Princess Madelyn.”

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