Zach Miller
Zach Miller underwent emergency surgery to save his injured left leg. He is pictured on Nov. 9, 2015 in San Diego, California. Getty Images

Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller suffered a knee injury on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints and underwent emergency surgery to save his leg, according to reports. The surgery was performed in New Orleans on Sunday in an effort to repair a severely damaged artery in Miller’s left leg, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Monday.

Miller suffered a dislocated knee in Sunday’s 20-12 loss to the Saints as he attempted to make a 25-yard touchdown catch. According to ESPN, Miller’s dislocation is "more significant" than a usual dislocation.

According to sources, vascular surgeons were called into Miller’s leg operation, which involved grafting tissue from his healthy leg to repair the injured artery.

Miller, 33, made a difficult catch from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in the end zone, but as he landed, his left leg turned awkwardly. He was then carted off the field and into the locker room. The athlete appeared to complete a touchdown on the play but it was overruled upon review when officials determined he never maintained possession of the ball.

Bears coach John Fox said Sunday that the team's "thoughts and prayers are with him" after he revealed Miller would spend the night in the hospital.

During the 2015-16 season, Miller totaled 81 receptions, 925 yards, and nine touchdowns over 25 games. This season, he recorded 20 catches for 236 yards and two touchdowns. Miller was a 2009 sixth-round pick by the Jaguars before he joined the Bears in the 2015 season. During his career, the veteran tight end totaled 146 receptions for 1,631 yards and 15 touchdowns.