Bottles of Champagne are displayed with festive decor for the holiday season in a Paris shop, Dec. 20, 2005. Reuters

'Tis the season for joy and caroling, for candy canes and stuffed turkeys, for eggnog and family gatherings around a fire. But isn’t that eggnog made better with a little brandy in it, and aren’t those family gatherings made a little more fun if wine is involved? The answer is yes, of course.

While Christmas is a solemn, religious time for some, it is also a time for alcohol-related holiday merriment for others. With family and friends near, it’s hard not to break out a bottle or two to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

So if you’re sitting around with your friends with a couple bottles this holiday season and want to do something a little more active than sitting in a chair, here are some Christmas and holiday-themed drinking games from around the web. Just don’t plan on driving afterward.

Santa Hat

This one primarily does involve a lot of sitting, but it’s very simple. According to the Huffington Post, you place a Santa hat on the corner of your TV, put on a show and drink anytime someone on the screen appears to wear the hat. We recommend something festive and classic to put on — maybe “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Christmas in Connecticut.”

Kris Kringle

This is another Santa Claus-themed game, and one of the more ridiculous ones, too. Basically, you and at least four other people sit around in a circle and go around saying, “Kris Kringle” as fast as possible, and if you mess up or take too long to say it, you drink, according to Coed. Also, if you say “Christmas Drinks,” it reverses the order of play, but no single player can reverse it more than twice.

The “Home Alone” Drinking Game

This one, if you play it right, will most likely get everyone very tipsy fast. All you need is something to drink and the movie “Home Alone.” The rule is you drink when someone in the movie insults the main character Kevin, tries and fails to speak French, says pizza, polka or Paris, gets injured -- or when Kevin alone screams, insults another character or talks to himself. If you haven’t seen the movie, maybe watch it before you play the game so you can understand how many times these things actually happen.

Pissed Presents

This one is similar to the “Home Alone” game but involves real live people — the people with whom you exchange gifts on Christmas Day. You can even play this one by yourself, if you prefer. This game involves taking a drink every time a person doesn’t understand the gift they got, there is a clearly unequal gift exchange, someone says “we should keep the wrapping paper,” someone obviously fakes their enthusiasm for a gift, someone awkwardly asks for a receipt or someone really doesn’t fake the fact that they hate a gift, according to Hexjam.

The 12 Shots of Christmas

For this you will need a bunch of friends and the knowledge of a vast array of Christmas song lyrics. You fill 12 shot glasses with your spirit of choice, and go around in a circle singing songs. At the end of the first line of a song, the next person has to take over the song, and if that person doesn’t know the lyrics, takes too long to sing them or just is really bad at singing them, they take a shot. You play until you run out of shots, or run out of songs. But you already know all the classics, right?