Best March Madness bracket-making sites

Here are the best March Madness bracket-making sites to help you track your NCAA Tournament picks online.

March Madness is the most wonderful time of the year for basketball fans, but each year the bracketology becomes increasingly tricky as newer, more-advanced bracket sites offer ways to track all the action, record your picks and rank you against everyone else.

This breakdown is your one-stop shop to decipher the differences among all the best March Madness bracket sites so you can decide which one(s) you should use this year. Good luck, and don't forget to pick at least one Cinderella story if you want to make it to the NCAA Final Four with your bracket still in contention!

Here are our picks for the best March Madness bracket sites:

1. CBS Sports: The official CBS Sports March Madness bracket site is considered by most hardcore fans to be the best NCAA Tournament bracket site there is. Our sports reporter friends all use it, as they say it's the most comprehensive, the easiest to use and has the most features. This is also the first year that CBS Sports has offered a mobile app which allows fans to follow all the action on their Android smart phones, iPods, and iPads. And you can set up your own group so you can compare your bracket-filling success with friends.

This year users of the CBS Sports bracket site can fill out a new bracket after each round of March Madness, earning them a chance to win a free trip to attend the NCAA Final Four in New Orleans. CBS, the only TV channel which broadcasts the Elite Eight, Final Four and NCAA Championship games, has created a winner with its bracket site, so check it out.

2. ESPN: ESPN has been in the bracketology game for a long time, and the 2012 ESPN Tournament Challenge will be packed with more features than ever. The biggest advantage of the ESPN bracket site is that it's offered within the site, meaning team names and the like can be clicked on to find further information and analysis from ESPN, one of the world's leaders in sports coverage. The interface also is smooth and easy to use, and its contests attract more participants than perhaps any other site.

3. Yahoo Sports: Even your grandmother should fill out a March Madness bracket on Yahoo Sports. That's because Yahoo is going all out to get you to participate in the site's admittedly pretty great NCAA Tournament bracket contest. A perfect bracket could net you $5 million, and the person behind the best bracket, if it's not perfect, will win $10,000, so make sure everyone you know creates a Yahoo Sports bracket. It also offers a chance to redeem your bracket if it's gone down the tubes after the first two rounds, meaning you can fill out a second bracket then for a chance to win $5,000 if yours is the best bracket from there forward. Yahoo Sports is also offering mobile NCAA Tournament bracket apps this year.

4. Sportsbook: For the gamblers out there, Sportsbook has one of the best and most comprehensive betting sites. You can bet today on which team is going to win the NCAA Tournament outright, or wait for Selection Sunday and bet on which teams will win individual games. It's not quite a March Madness bracket site, but it could put a few bucks in your pocket during the tournament. You gotta be in it to win it.