Beyond Meat on Monday releases a plant-based steak as its newest meat replacement product.

The new plant-based meat comes as "steak tips." Beyond Steak is available at Kroger, Walmart, Albertsons, Sprouts and other local groceries stores. The 10-ounce bag costs $7.99.

"Beyond Steak is a highly-anticipated expansion of our popular beef platform and we're proud to introduce this innovative product to consumers nationwide," Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer, Beyond Meat said in a release.

"Beyond Steak delivers the taste and texture of sliced steak in a way that is better for both people and the planet," Ajami added.

The main source of protein in the Beyond steak is "faba bean protein" and each serving provides 21 grams of protein.

The other plant-based ingredients in the product include, "water, wheat gluten, canola oil, salt, natural flavor, spices, garlic powder, onion powder, pomegranate concentrate, yeast extract, sunflower lecithin, fruit and vegetable juice color," according to its description.

Beyond has recently seen its sales decline and announced plans to let go of 19% of its staff. The release of new products has helped Beyond increase sales in the past.

The other Beyond products include a burger, beef, sausage, meatballs, breakfast sausage, crumbles, chicken, and jerky.