If you’re looking for contractors for work in your home and you used the site Angie’s List to find the right fit for your project, you’re going to need to change your searches going forward, because the company has officially changed its name.

The company has rebranded as Angi Inc, a slight change from ANGI Homeservices, in an attempt to highlight the other housing-related businesses and services under their umbrella, including HomeAdvisor and Handy, CNN Business reports.

“The Angie’s List brand is known and loved... People understand what it stands for and trust it,” CEO Oisin Hanrahan said. “The challenge is that we’re not just a list anymore. Customers were confined and constrained by the literal nature of the name.”

The company has seen their services, which allow consumers to not only review contractors but find, book and pay them for work—increase in demand due to the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic last year, with more people stuck home and looking to then improve their space, or heading to more suburban locations and buying a new house as a result.

The company’s success comes after they were spun off from media and e-commerce conglomerate IAC—which also spun off equally successful sites and apps such Match.com, LendingTree, Expedia and TripAdvisor.

Among the services users can find on Angi are plumbing, handy work, lawn care, roofing, electrical and remodeling.

The company has still remained successful despite competition being launched by other companies with a large footprint, such as Amazon. The online retail giant launched a Local Services division in select markets back in 2017 as a direct form of competition to Angi.

Angie’s List has rebranded as Angi. Angi Facebook