The 2013 NFL season has been a rousing success for the New England Patriots, but head coach Bill Belichick hasn’t seemed too happy about it.

Despite a 12-4 record, an AFC East title, and a bye week to open the playoffs, the Patriots coach has kept his smiles to a minimum this season. For Belichick, this is nothing new—the media has criticized his stoic demeanor during press conferences for years, particularly due to unwillingness to talk about off-field issues or reveal specific details regarding his players’ injuries. But a new report by the Wall Street Journal shows just how rare Belichick displays levity around reporters.

The newspaper watched each of Belichick’s postgame press conferences from this season—a total of 114.5 minutes of footage. According to the report, he smiled just seven times throughout the whole season, at a rate of one smile per every 16 minutes of interaction with the media. Furthermore, none of those smiles occurred after a Patriots loss.

The Wall Street Journal’s report is slightly misleading. As Deadspin notes, it only took Belichick’s postgame press conferences into consideration; the 61-year-old also meets with the press a few times each week. Still, one would expect a bit more cheer from a coach with three Super Bowl rings.

Still, it’s safe to assume that Belichick might crack an eighth smile if the Patriots manage to win it all this year. A video of all seven Belichick smiles can be viewed below.