Obama and Clinton
President Barack Obama with former President Bill Clinton (left). REUTERS

While former Vice President Dick Cheney recently praised U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as one of the Obama administration's most competent member, even saying it would be interesting to speculate how she might be as president, former U.S. President Bill Clinton swept that notion aside on Sunday during an appearance on CBS' Face the Nation.

While Cheney implied that Clinton may have luck if she challenged President Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination next year, former President Bill Clinton said he believed Cheney made those remarks to cause a rift among Democrats.

When asked if he would like to endorse Cheney's statement, Clinton laughed and said that while he is always very gratified whenever anyone says something nice about her, he also said Cheney is very skilled in sowing discord among the opposition. Clinton said he did not want to comment and help Cheney's strategy succeed.

However, Clinton did compliment Cheney's spunk.

I admire that he's still out there hitting the ball, he said.

After a tough fight, Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination for president to Barack Obama in 2008. Although she is currently the Secretary of State, she said she does not plan on serving a second term if Obama is reelected in 2012.

She also said she has no plans to serve as secretary of defense, vice president or president.