Dr. Bill Dorfman DDS, world-renowned dentist and one of the Extreme Team on the hit televisual program Extreme Makeover, has a secret cache of the celebrity patients' teeth he's pulled. He hopes to sell the chompers on eBay.

I actually save famous people's teeth when I pull them, Dorfman told TMZ, but I can't tell you [whose teeth I have in a jar somewhere] 'cause it's like patient confidentiality. There have been a few really famous people and I thought one day maybe I could sell this on EBay.

Here's the video where he explains the totally normal practice (that, TMZ reports, another dentist called just sick).

So which celebrities' chewers does Dorfman have packed away for a rainy day? Here are some of the celebrities Dorfman's possibly planning to profit on, according to his website, and the estimated (arbitrary) value of their molars on eBay.

Anne Hathaway: $7.3k for the whole set (they are apparently larger than life).

Ozzy Osbourne: $834 for the incisor that dealt the bat its death blow.

Jessica Simpson: $34 because she apparently doesn't brush them.

Eva Longoria:$1,787 because she's got to recoup the cost of her braces.

Usher: $14 because they don't look like this anymore.

Would you buy your favorite celebs teeth? What would you pay for them? Is this ridiculous? What would you do with them?