• Microsoft founder Bill Gates has sent an interesting Christmas gift to a Reddit user
  • It was part of Secret Santa gift exchange where Bill Gates is a regular
  • The recipient was a Detroit woman who is overjoyed

At a time speculations over the “Christmas gift” from North Korea to President Donald Trump raged, Microsoft founder Bill Gates quietly shipped an 81-pound package to a Reddit user as part of the annual Secret Santa gift exchange program.

Now the content of the billionaire’s gift is making news. This was Szor's 95th Reddit gift exchange. Gates acknowledged that number by labeling the number at all sides of the box sent to her, per CNBC.

Gates has been a regular in the Secret Santa gift exchange program in the social media outlet since 2013.

According to Fox News, the lucky recipient was Detroit woman, Shelby, who does not use her last name. The program matches up Reddit users with Internet strangers who gift presents, per Geek Wire. 

 “The generosity of his time meant a lot to me, and it meant a lot that he would take the time out of his day to do this for me because I'm sure he's a very busy person,” Shelby told Fox News.

In her Reddit post, Shelby said: “Bill Gates, you are a blessing.”

She also noted the year has been a complete “rollercoaster of emotions.” In March, she lost her mother unexpectedly just 10 days before her wedding. 

Explaining her excitement at the gesture of Bill Gates, Shelby added: “I have felt like I’ve been on another planet and I still cannot believe how lucky/cool/honored/I am to have such a special and personal set of gifts.” 

Bill Gates donates to the American Heart Association

The personalized note from Gates said: “I’m impressed! I hope my gift makes you smile this Christmas.”

Every item in the gift pack was individually wrapped and included Szor’s favorites such as adult-level LEGO sets, a Harry Potter Santa hat, and a bunch of sweets, including packs of Oreos.

Gates also sent a few of his favorite books and a manuscript copy of Szor’s time favorite: “The Great Gatsby.”

Expressing her joy, in a YouTube video, Szor said the manuscript book contained scans of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s actual handwriting and also the notes he made while making the book.  bill gates Bill Gates in Tokyo on Nov. 9, 2018. Photo: Toshifumi Kitamura/Getty Images

In the personal note, the billionaire wrote no gift will ever make up for the loss of someone important in life referring to her mother's untimely death and added, "I’ve donated to the American Heart Association in her memory.”

Szor acknowledged Gates’ donation to AHA was the “most special gift of and it means more to me than I can express.”

Shelby said she would continue with RedditGifts and also use some of the wrapping paper that Gates used for packing her future gifts to Reddit users.