Scientific discoveries and other innovations in the field of healthcare are fortifying the future of global health. They also ensure that some of the worst ailments known to man will be eliminated.

This was the context of the speech that Bill Gates delivered at the University of Cambridge after being awarded the Professor Hawking Fellowship 2019. He said global problems like malnutrition and malaria would be gone by 2040, provided world leaders continue to support scientific innovation.

Gates is in the position of speaking with certainty as his work with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides him the whole picture of recent scientific discoveries. For the Microsoft co-founder, the future is what everyone makes of it now. He said that by confronting health issues and inequality worldwide today, you would be helping shape the future of the human race.

Bill-Gates-foresees-great future-for-global-healthcare Bill Gates foresees great future for global-healthcare. Photo: ckgodman - Pixabay
He said that seeing the progress made by scientists and researchers, they will be able to solve the global malnutrition problem in less than 30 years. They will also be able to minimize the nutrition-related death rates during the next two decades.

Gates revealed that in a report made by the World Health Organization, malnutrition is seen to be a significant contributing factor in 50% of the deaths of children below five years old. By solving malnutrition, scientists can help get rid of one of the biggest factors to inequity. He said that innovative solutions like fortified foods, supplements full of minerals and vitamins, and many other scientific discoveries would all help in eliminating global problems like malnutrition.

Gates also revealed that good bacteria play a major role in preventing malnutrition. It does this by protecting the body against infection and also helps in digesting food. The technological genius also revealed that scientists recently had gained a greater understanding of how the gut works and how to alter any bacterial abnormalities through the introduction of new probiotics. He said that in the near future, modern probiotic pills would contain bacteria combinations that are created for a specific gut.

In the case of malaria, Gates revealed that scientists are now close to eliminating the deadly virus. He said that the key is not in drugs but instead in mosquitoes themselves. He said that scientists are in the process of editing the genes of malaria-carrying mosquitoes so they won’t be able to reproduce.

Bill Gates said that such innovations could save millions of patients and also improve their quality of life. In parting, the tech-giant-turned-philanthropist noted that as long as everyone supports scientific innovation, the future of global health will indeed be more hopeful and rosy.