Chadwick Boseman is all set to play Black Panther in a movie focusing on that Marvel character. But first, he will be introduced in “Captain America: Civil War.” Marvel President Kevin Feige said it was a conscious decision to introduce Black Panther in an earlier movie, as a character was needed as a neutral voice amid the feud between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

“You know what? We’re doing a 'Black Panther' movie, but it would actually be smart to have him fill this role we need in 'Civil War' and introduce him here first. So it always just depends on the story and the way we want to tell the story,” Feige told Superhero Hype.

In “Captain America: Civil War,” Black Panther reportedly will be introduced as an inexperienced hero. Feige previously told Birth Movies Death that Black Panther will leave Wakanda and will join the Avengers in order to protect the world.

“Captain America: Civil War” opens May 6, 2016. Meanwhile, "Black Panther" is scheduled for a 2018 release. It concerns T’Challa, who must to take the mantle of the Black Panther after his father T’Chaka is killed. Marc Bailey has written the screenplay and Feige is the producer.

Boseman is happy to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and to be planning for his character’s solo outing. “I’m more the person that says, ‘I want to do these really cool independent films with great characters with great directors, or studio films that have critical acclaim.’ But I think with Marvel, you have the best of both worlds,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Boseman has signed five-film deal with Marvel, according to Deadline. The director and other cast members of  “Black Panther” are not yet known.