Bloomberg Nov. 7, 2011
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has Tweeted his support for U.S. Senator Scott Brown's stance on gun control. International Business Times

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has chimed in on the race for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Scott Brown.

Bloomberg, often considered one of the most powerful people in the country, has posted a message supporting one of Brown's positions on his official Twitter page.

Bloomberg, a multibillionaire who once ran as a Republican, often stays out of political contests, but in the tough race between Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, he has decided not to hold his tongue.

I applaud @USSenScottBrown for taking a stand against NRA efforts to weaken states' rights on concealed, loaded guns, Bloomberg's Tweet said.

He then linked to a Huffington Post article showing his stance supporting a key gun control measure, a rare position for a Republican but one that seems to makes sense for a Republican running in the deep blue state that is Massachusetts.

As you know, I support the individual right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Brown wrote in a letter to Boston Mayor Tom Menino, according to the article. I also believe that individual states should be allowed to decide what constitutes safe and responsible gun ownership so long as it does not violate that basic constitutional right.

Bloomberg has a long history of tirelessly fighting for tougher gun control laws, and he is co-chairman of the advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition of mayors of hundreds of municipalities across the United States united in the fight to stop gun violence.