O Christmas tree, O Christmas Tree. Wait, wherefore art thou, Christmas Tree?

That's the tunes denizens of Shaolin will be whistling on the way to work now that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued his decree that Christmas will be Xmas in the Staten Island Ferry stations, according to the New York Daily News.

Ferry riders noticed over the past two weeks that all the Christmas and Hanukah decorations that have traditionally kept the station merry and bright through the holidays had not been hung this year, the News reported.

It turned out Bloomberg is the Scrooge this year, as he defended his decision not to allow the displays Friday on WOR radio, according to the News.

Nobody's more in favor of holiday spirit and holiday decorations, the mayor said. In this case, the Department of Transportation got sued one time too many... Last year a Nativity scene was placed in one of the terminals without a permit.

Grand Central Terminal also does not permit holiday décor on its main floor, Bloomberg pointed out on the radio show.

I thought the Transportation Department made the right decision, Bloomberg said. Grand Central station has no decorations ... The reason is you start getting into the whole issue of religion in a public space ...We didn't diminish any one religion. We just said, 'No.'