Kentucky residents frustrated over the Casey Anthony verdict are repeatedly soaking her look-alike in a dunking booth at the Lexington Lion's Club Bluegrass Fair.

The Bluegrass Fair organizers created the Casey Anthony Dunking Booth and have made it a center attraction at the fair.

WKYT has reported that the booth is already getting lots of attention and is one of the first games patrons see when they walk into the fair through the main gates.

The booth will remain through Sunday. It has a Casey Anthony look-alike wearing a pink top with her hair pulled back. The look-alike's outfit is almost an exact match of the one the real Casey Anthony wore when she became a free woman on Sunday.

Fair organizer Michael Kaplan told WKYT that the booth is there for people to come out and release their frustrations.

We're hoping that it's taken in a fun way so that people coming out can release some of their frustrations about what just happened in the last few months, he said.

Earlier this month, Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old Caylee Anthony. After leaving prison on Sunday, no one has heard from her since.

Many are speculating on her whereabouts but no one knows for certain. Bluegrass Fair organizers are claiming the real Casey Anthony is in Kentucky, WKYT has reported.

There have been concerns for her safety, and Casey Anthony's attorney has asked that the public respect the jury verdict.

See the WKYT report below: