Bobby Petrino in his press conference following his motorcycle accident.
The results of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle wreck. REUTERS

The famous motorcycle involved in Bobby Petrino's downfall is currently up for auction.

The University of Arkansas football coach wrecked the 2007 Harley Davidson on April 1 and suffered broken ribs and cracked vertebrae. It then came out that Jessica Dorrell, a 25-year-old football staffer, was riding on the back of the Harley at the time of the accident.

From there the media discovered that the two had been involved in a seven-month extramarital affair, during which Petrino gave Dorrell $20,000 under the table and a job promotion she might not have been qualified for.

Petrino was eventually fired on April 10 for purposely misleading the university about the pair's involvement and about his motorcycle accident. Dorrell later resigned and was given a $14,000 in severance pay.

Without Petrino crashing his motorcycle it's doubtful that the affair would have ever seen the light of day. That might make the Harley in question a collector's item for some, especially fans of rival SEC schools, and it can be yours for just a little more than $3,000.

Bidding on the motorcycle on is currently at $3,050 with the motorcycle's initial cost being $16,000. The website lists that the motorcycle needs $18,000 in repairs, but does acknowledge that costs of repairs are varied.

The auction closes on May 30.