A maintenance worker in a Canadian mall made a gruesome discovery Monday, according to the CBC. Normal shopping activities were disrupted that morning when an unidentified man’s body was found lodged in the wall behind a toilet in a women’s bathroom.

The body was discovered around 9:30 Monday morning when a toilet in the women’s bathroom on the fourth floor of the CORE Shopping Centre in Calgary would not flush. A maintenance worker was summoned to fix what was assumed to be a simple plumbing problem, but instead became something far more grisly.

When the maintenance worker removed the panel behind the toilet that is used to automatically flush after its user stands up, they found the body stuck inside the bathroom wall. The fire department showed up shortly thereafter and helped remove the body from the wall and give it to authorities for further examination.

That women’s bathroom was extremely close to a nearby food court, part of which had to be roped off to keep away civilians, according to CTV. However, CTV also said people continued to eat in other parts of the food court while the body was being removed and the scene was investigated.

They eventually put the body under wraps and wheeled it out on a gurney later on Monday.

GettyImages-530272160 A man's body was found lodged inside a women's bathroom wall in a Canadian shopping center. A private women's bathroom is offered at Bull McCabes Irish Pub on May 10, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina. Photo: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Police were not able to immediately determine either a cause of death or how long the body had been there, nor did they identify the victim. The most information they could give was that apparently there were no sinister motives behind the death, according to a Calgary police statement.

“Despite the circumstances of where the body was located, investigators do not suspect foul play and the death remains classified as undetermined,” the statement read.

The ongoing theory is that the victim was in a space above the wall, likely crawling through a vent, before they fell and became stuck.

In January, a Texas woman who was long thought missing was determined to have actually died inside the wall in her own home. Police later determined she fell through the floor in her attic and closed the case.