The Boston Bombers women’s basketball team, a semi-professional league based out of the city, will change its name after the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy.

According to Gawker, the team was Boston’s only semi-pro women’s team part of the Women’s Blue Chip League and used a logo of a black-and-red bomb with basketball grooves.

However, following the Boston tragedy that left three dead and more than 280 injured, the team plans to change its name after fans expressed concern.

"We changed it due to the events Monday," the team’s spokesperson told Gawker. “Our fans [were] not happy with the name."

While the new team name won’t be made public until the week of April 29, the Boston Bombers have already deleted their Web page at and deactivated their social media accounts on Twitter, as well as their Facebook. reported the team will also change its logo, which Gawker described as a “lit-fuse Wile E. Coyote bomb with basketball grooves.” speculated that the team may change its name to the Boston Bulldogs based on an old Web page that advertised tryouts for the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League back in 2012.

Similarly, a controversial T-shirt from Nike reading “Boston Massacre” splattered with blood, referring to the ago-old baseball rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, was pulled from shelves following the Boston Marathon bombings and mass criticism.