Carl Froch
Carl Froch is dating model Rachael Cordingley. Reuters

This past weekend, super-middleweight boxer Carl Froch defeated Mikkel Kessler in a unanimous decision. The victory gave Froch the World Boxing Association belt, in addition to the International Boxing Federation title.

In preparation for the bout, the Nottingham native gave up sex with his model girlfriend. Froch didn’t allow himself to sleep with 26-year-old Rachael Cordingley for three months. The champ explained in a recent interview that abstaining from sexual activity helps keep boxers strong for their next fight, much like a horse training for a race.

“It’s the same in human beings,” Froch said. "If a man abstains he keeps his strength. I feel stronger and fitter when I abstain because my body holds on to more testosterone. Women weaken legs. I don’t get weak legs when I’m abstaining. Sometimes two weeks is long enough to give me the strength — you can overdo it.”

In order to stay committed to his three-month ban, Froch made sure he and his girlfriend slept in separate beds. He said that training up to 20 hours a week helped him avoid falling off the wagon.

“I train so hard, all my energy is taken up in the sessions. As attractive as Rachael is, when I come home, the last thing I want to do is burn off even more energy in the bedroom.”

The win put Froch at 31-2 for his career. After the victory, the boxer put himself in a class with Lennox Lewis as the best British boxers of all time.