• Eddie Hearn says Jarrell Miller has a psychological problem
  • Miller could be cheating for a long time already, Hearn stated
  • Miller's boxing license is in danger of being suspended due to the failed drug test

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has ripped Jarrell Miller, claiming the heavyweight fighter is a cheater who has a mental health problem. Upon learning that the American failed yet another drug test, Hearn turned blatant and said it’s over for the undefeated boxer.

Miller is now scrapped of a scheduled fight in Las Vegas next month due to the failed test where he is found to be using a performance-enhancing drug.

Notably, the 31-year-old New York native was criticized for the same reason in 2019 when his supposed fight against unified champion Anthony Joshua was called off. Just a few weeks prior to the bout, Miller was found to be using banned drugs, including GW1516, EPO and HGH.

"What he never did in the Anthony Joshua situation was - he never held his hands up and said - 'listen, I wanted to win so bad, I cheated. I made a massive mistake, I'm sorry,’” Hearn told Pep Talk UK, per the Boxing Scene.

“And when you look back now, it's actually worrying that he’s never done that. A lot of people have been saying for a long time that this guy's been cheating for a long, long time - and it worries me that if he's prepared to do what he did, after the scrutiny of the AJ situation, for a warm-up fight, then maybe he has been cheating his whole career, who knows.

"To be honest, I feel sorry for him. I think he has a psychological problem. I don't think that he can bring himself to fight without PEDs. That is an honest situation. It doesn’t look good in this situation that the best thing about Jarrell Miller is his work rate and his ability to throw a lot of punches. Who knows what happened in the past, but what we do know is - for someone to behave like that, he ain't right (in the head), it's not right.

"Top Rank gave him a lifeline, they gave him a big contract when he didn't deserve it. The Nevada Commission licenses him when some say they should never have licensed him, but they did. But he couldn't be banned before or suspended, because he didn't have a license when he failed with AJ. Now, the Nevada Commission will undoubtedly ban him. Other commissions, not all commissions, but most commissions will follow suit with that situation. And by the way, I think every promoter and broadcaster will too.

"I think he needs to go and have his mind right. One of the most high-profile doping events of all-time, and you somehow get a lifeline in your career and financially, and then you go and do that in a warm-up fight. That's why I say that I don't think he's capable of fighting without it."

Miller boasts an outstanding professional boxing record of 23 wins in 24 fights, including 20 victories via KO. But due to the latest PEDs findings, his career is placed in peril as the Nevada State Athletic Commission is reportedly mulling over his suspension.

Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn
Eddie Hearn believes much-awaited fight with Deontay Wilder is likely to be next for Anthony Joshua. Pictured: Eddie Hearn, boxing promoter (R) and Anthony Joshua (L) speak during a press conference for his Super Heavyweight title fight against Wladimir Klitschko at Sky Sports Studios on April 27, 2017, in London, England. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images