After losing the 2012 Super Bowl, superstar quarterback Tom Brady fell to the ground and pouted in a dejected pose. The image of the New England Patriots quarterback sitting hunched over and upset immediately went viral, sparking a new fad: Bradying.

The defeated pose has become popular within hours of the end of the Super Bowl and hundreds of images have popped up around the blogosphere of sports fans posing in a Brady-like position. But, will Bradying gain the popularity of Tebowing?

Named after Tim Tebow, Tebowing is the popular pose of the Denver Broncos quarterback. After scoring a touchdown, the quarterback would kneel down on one knee, place his elbow on his knee and put his fist against his forehead. The pose became an instant meme online with hundreds of fans copying the young quarterback and posting pictures of themselves, friends, celebrities and family members in the unique pose.

While Tebowing became a national craze, it is unclear if Bradying will be as successful. Tebowing celebrates success, while Bradying is a dejected pose that mourns loss. Following the 2012 Super Bowl, fans may enjoy mocking Brady, but the pose might not have the long-term impact Tebowing had.

Sports fans on Twitter, however, have expressed overwhelming support for the new pose.

Bradying: (verb) to sit on the ground in disbelief as you choke away another Super Bowl. blows Tebowing out of the water a bit, Twitter user satchwhat wrote.

Another sports fan tweeted: Just saw what Bradying is and it definitely is greater than Tebowing. I'm going to go Bradying right now.

When you feel a little sad, just do what I do. #bradying, Twitter user myzx06vette wrote.

Despite the popularity of Bradying, it is doubtful that the craze will last. Brady may have lost the 2012 Super Bowl, but the successful quarterback does not have much to be upset about. Brady is a three-time Super Bowl champion with a secure spot in the NFL Hall of Fame. He also has a beautiful, supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, and a $20 million home.

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