Brandon Rangel & Jason Humble
Brandon Rangel & Jason Humble Brandon Rangel & Jason Humble

Leading a group, whether as a manager or a business owner, is no easy task. You have to get your employees on board with your plan and also steer the ship to make any progress. Being an effective leader requires charisma and a unique set of qualities. Brandon Rangel and Jason Humble are two successful individuals who have proved themselves to be stellar leaders. Brandon Rangel has worked as the head of his own e-commerce company, while Jason Humble is the CEO of an investment consulting group. They share five qualities they believe all leaders must possess to become successful.


For starting a business, you first need to have a unique and innovative idea. “I knew I could sell forex better than anyone else,” says Rangel. “I took a risk in developing my own firm, and it definitely paid off.” Jason Humble had a lot of success investing, and he knew other people could use the help. “It’s a very lucrative field, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of success,” says Humble. “I wanted to pass that on to others.”

Self confidence

When you want to start a business, you need to trust yourself, even when other people can’t. You need to believe you can find success, no matter the obstacles. “If you’ve studied and researched about your field enough, you should be able to find a way to make your business succeed,” says Rangel.


Jason Humble thinks that all entrepreneurs need to be curious about finding newer ways of improving themselves and their businesses. “Always be inquisitive and study as much as possible,” Humble says. “Moreover, you need to surround yourself with other smart people so that you can learn from them.”


Both Brandon Rangel and Jason Humble have had setbacks. Humble had to make it on his own, and Rangel was in the foster care system for a long time. Even though their lives weren’t perfect, they refused to give up, eventually leading their companies to success.


For some people, it can be helpful to compete with others. However, Brandon Rangel suggests primarily competing with yourself. “Try to be a better leader than you were the day before,” he advises. “Learn something new and make yourself more competitive every day,” adds Humble.

Leading a company can be challenging at times. However, according to Brandon Rangel and Jason Humble, if they could make it, so too can you.