Jenn Sterger is trying to recover the content Brett Favre sent her
The Green Bay Packers want to welcome former quarterback Brett Favre "back in the family." Reuters

Brett Favre's official Twitter account was hacked shortly after the former football player started it, according to a press release.

A statement from Favre's people said that a mere three days after Favre started his Twitter account on March 2nd someone had hacked into the account and began sending out unauthorized tweets.

At this time neither Mr. Favre or ourselves have any idea who is tweetinh for him on his account, the statement read. It is most certainly NOT him or anyone he is associated with.

The statement says that the last real tweet from Favre was a shoutout to Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson when he told his followers, Follow the future NFL QB Russell Wilson @DangeRussWilson #B1G.

Anything after this was an imposter that somehow gained access to his account and began posting bogus tweets. Once again we apologize, and if any news comes up surrounding this disaster we will inform you all immediately.

The press release comes after whomever was operating the verified Favre Twitter account admitted that he wasn't the real former MVP quarterback.

The account said on Friday, Okay guys, im now a brett favre parody. Im sorry if I offended any of you. I never ment (sic) for it to get this big. Go follow @Brett4Official.

It went on to say, This isn't the real brett favre. I apologize to everyone.

It's unclear just how the hacker was able to wrest control of the account or why it took five days before Favre's people realized that it wasn't him tweeting anymore.