The Brexit vote has touched an international nerve, even dragging out the likes of Lindsay Lohan to live-tweet the event — something no one expected. Whether Britain will remain as part of the European Union is unknown for now, but one thing is certain: Netizens are passionate about the United Kingdom leaving or remaining in the political bloc. 

Lohan, to the surprise of most, was apprently glued to the television, watching the BBC, and posting constant updates to her Twitter account. What some might not know is the former child star-turned-bad girl lived in London in 2014. She starred in the play, “Speed-the-Plow.”

While the most puzzling, Lohan is far from the only one to flock to the 140-character microblogging site as thousands took to the polls. Daily Record reporter Ross McCaffrey brought up an interesting point—tongue-in-cheek. If the United Kingdom left the EU, that could leave London and Glasgow -- two big-city backers of "remain" -- as the only parts of Britain still tied to Europe.

What are we going to call this new London-Glasgow joint country then? Glasdon? Longow?

Comedian Eddie Izzard has been active on social media for the past week in regard to the Brexit vote, beckoning his 4.61 million followers to remain.

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling shared a similar message, though she only retweeted messages that cautioned voters to remain. Another famous British author who wants Britain to remain is “Fifty Shades of Grey” writer E.L. James.

Not only does singer Boy George want Brexit to fail, he’s confident it will. “Of course I would vote to remain!” he wrote to his 405,000 followers. “I am pretty sure we will stay in Europe!”

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