Is 'Womanizer' singer Britney Spears set to sign a massive $14 million book deal?

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: There have been numerous unofficial biographies printed about Britney, but she's never agreed to pen her own tome - until now.

And some of the stories she's got are absolute dynamite. She's kept diaries so there's nothing she'll leave out unless she wants to.

If the deal goes ahead she will write between three and five books throughout the next decade - it's one of the most lucrative book deals in showbiz history.

The alleged deal is not settling too well with some publishing experts.

That seems ridiculously high for a book deal. Even though she's a huge star, that doesn't mean anyone wants to read an autobiography by her. To make back that much of an advance, the publisher would have to sell Harry Potter-size numbers, a source told OK!