Brock Lesnar WWE
Brock Lesnar bleeds during his fight against The Undertaker at WWE SummerSlam at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Aug. 23, 2015. Getty

After a month of silence on the matter, Chris Jericho has finally spoken about his confrontation with Brock Lesnar directly after WWE SummerSlam 2016. It was one of the biggest wrestling events of the year, but much of the discussion surrounding SummerSlam involved what happened when the show ended.

SummerSlam concluded with Lesnar defeating Randy Orton in a match that was stopped prematurely by the referees. With blood pouring out of Orton’s head, the finish for a pre-determined match appeared to be all too real for many of the fans in attendance. Jericho also questioned whether or not the finish went as planned.

“Whatever the finish is is none of my business,” Jericho said on Podcast One’s “You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen.” “Whatever they're doing or whatever happens, listen man, that's the way it is. It's not my business, it's not my responsibility or my call — but, when I see a friend of mine lying in a pool of his own blood, whether it's a work or not, that's real blood. That's a real concussion that he suffered.”

Initial reports that surfaced on the day after SummerSlam claimed that Jericho demanded to know if the match was supposed to end the way it did. According to, Lesnar told Jericho that it was none of his business, and the wrestlers eventually had to be separated.

“I just thought the finish of that match was very brutal and very violent, and I just didn't know if Randy was OK. I was checking on Randy, my friend. We've always been pretty close,” Jericho continued, saying he wouldn’t get into the specifics of exactly what the wrestlers said to each other.

“I said something and he said something and next thing you know we're nose to nose kind of yelling at each other. And [it] diffused fairly quickly.”

WWE usually doesn’t allow wrestlers to intentionally bleed in their matches, but it wouldn’t be surprising if an exception was made for the SummerSlam main event. Lesnar is WWE’s biggest draw, and he seems to operate under his own set of rules.

The part-time wrestler didn’t receive a WWE suspension when it was revealed that he failed two tests for performance-enhancing drugs in July. The tests were administered by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, prior to his brief return to MMA at UFC 200, but Lesnar was still under contract with WWE at the time. Lesnar’s matches often feature blood, and it appears that WWE officials were prepared for the match to end in that fashion.

Orton was unable to compete at WWE BackLash on Sept. 11 because of an injury, and he reportedly wasn’t cleared to wrestle because of a concussion he suffered at SummerSlam.