Early reports suggest that the Denver Broncos’ Week 6 matchup against the woeful Jacksonville Jaguars could feature the largest betting spread in NFL history.

The Broncos, who are 4-0 this season and have defeated their opponents by a combined score of 179-91, are considered by many to be the favorite to win this year’s Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Jaguars have been outscored by their opponents 129-31, and have shown no signs of improvement.

The disparity between these two teams is so severe that Las Vegas oddsmakers claim that the Broncos will be favored by close “to four TDs,” or 28 points. If true, the betting line would make the Broncos the largest betting favorite in NFL history, FanSided.com reports.

“With the Denver Broncos seemingly historically good, and the Jacksonville Jags seemingly historically bad -- I asked multiple Vegas bookmakers to project a pointspread on Jacksonville traveling to Denver (scheduled in two week),” RJ Bell of betting site Pregame.com said, according to FanSided. “The consensus Vegas opinion: Denver favored by 28 points hosting Jacksonville.”

In an interview with CBS Sports, Kevin Bradley, sports book manager at Bovada.lv, echoed Bell’s sentiment regarding the Broncos-Jaguars point spread. “Before yesterday I would have said it would be three touchdowns but considering [Sunday]'s results, the fact that Seattle easily covered 19.5 at home against Jacksonville, and how our bettors have been pounding Denver every week and betting against the Jags like it is free money, this spread is looking closer to four touchdowns,” Bradley told CBS Sports. “Barring any injuries or something very dramatic occurring, I would expect this to be the biggest spread we have ever posted."

Bradley was referring to the Jaguars’ Week 3 game against the Seattle Seahawks, another team that remains undefeated this season. The Seahawks were favored by 19.5 points -- nearly three touchdowns -- and still covered the spread, defeating Jacksonville by a score of 45-17.

A potential -28 spread for the Broncos-Jaguars game would surpass the previous record, set in 1976, Jimmy Shapiro of Bovada told CBS Sports. On Dec. 5, 1976, the Pittsburgh Steelers were a 27-point favorite against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- the largest spread in NFL history. The Steelers covered, winning the game 42-0.