Brooklyn hit-and-run suspect Julio Acevedo is on the verge of surrendering two days after police believe he was the driver who caused the accident that killed a Brooklyn couple and their newborn son.

“My heart goes out to them,” Acevedo told a reporter for the New York Daily News, referring to the family of Raziel and Nachman Glauber, both 21. “I didn’t know they died until I saw the news.”

Earlier reports, citing the @OnePolicePlaza Twitter account, indicated police arrested Acevedo, but those proved to be false.

The Glaubers, who were on the way to the hospital because Raziel was seven months pregnant and experiencing labor pains, died at the scene. Their baby, prematurely delivered by C-section, initially survived the Sunday crash but died Monday morning.

Acevedo claimed he was running away from someone trying to shoot him when he slammed on the gas and crashed into the cab the Glaubers were riding in.

Police said the suspect, who was driving a BMW, fled the scene on foot.

Acevedo told the Daily News he walked away from the accident because he “was scared of someone shooting at me."

“I was scared,” he said. “I just got shot at.”

It’s unclear when Acevedo plans on surrendering, but a friend earlier told the Daily News that the 44-year-old wanted to get enough cash to hire a lawyer and then turn himself in.

“He’s willing to cop out to whatever it is. He’s admitting his responsibility,” friend Derrick Hamilton told the paper.

The deaths hit the Orthodox Jewish community hard, with estimates ranging from hundreds to thousands of mourners who attended funerals for the Glaubers.

"It’s a great tragedy for the community,” said Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, of the Khal Yitav Lev synagogue in Williamsburg. “We have to hold on together and see what we can do to make things better. This is a very, very big tragedy.”

Raziel Glauber’s brother, Nuchem Yoel Silberstein, called her “the crown of the family."

He told mourners, “We were sitting together last night and today she’s gone.”

Silberstein said his brother-in-law was a model husband.

“We can all learn from him how to treat a wife,” he said. “The way he treated her was special.”

Acevedo has a lengthy rap sheet that includes manslaughter and DWI.

Acevedo killed Kelvin “50 Cent” Martin in 1987, the New York Post reported, landing the suspected hit-and-run driver in Attica prison for the slaying.

South Jamaica, Queens-born rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was inspired to use 50 Cent as his stage name from Martin, according to the New York daily.

The Daily News said that included a DWI arrest last month.

Acevedo allegedly had a blood-alcohol content of .13, above the legal limit of .08 in New York, after driving home from a baby shower in Brooklyn.

Police claimed he was slurring his words and driving erratically. He is scheduled to appear in court on the DWI charges April 10.