The burnt carcass of a dog was found in an overgrown area on the north side of Cork City, Ireland on Wednesday, prompting an investigation.

The dog, believed to be a German Shepherd, had suffered horrific injuries after being set on fire. Investigators believe the dog’s legs were broken before it was ignited, reported.

Officials with the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals weren’t able to identify the animal as the heat from the fire may have damaged any microchip placed in the body, local daily Irish Examiner reported.

The animal was discovered by members of the Cork Animal Care Society and the city dog warden after they received reports that a stray dog was in the area.

“We believe it is the same dog... What kind of sick twisted individual/individuals would do this to an animal? Was the dog still alive when it was burnt to death? The person who found its body believes it was,” the Cork Animal Care Society said in a Facebook post.

Vincent Cashman of the CSPCA said, "The dog's front legs were broken. It did not get there on its own."

He also appealed to anyone with information about the animal to come forward. "Without witnesses, it is very hard to build a case on this so we would appeal to anyone with any information to make contact,” he said.

Calling it “deplorable,” Cashman said it is not common to find an animal burnt.

“We do come across dumped carcasses, but people usually try to bury them. Sometimes you might find an abandoned carcass at the side of the road, but burning the carcass with the intent to get rid of it, which is what we think happened here, is deplorable. There are ways and means of disposing of an animal, you don’t have to drag it into scrublands and burn it,” he added, Evening Echo reported.

In a similar incident a dog was burnt alive while in a cage in Negombo, Sri Lanka, earlier this month. The Labrador succumbed to injuries the following day after it was burnt by trespassers using Kerosene oil. Police began investigation and obtained fingerprints from the scene of the crime.

“Some maniac/s had gone to the dogs kennel in the early hours, doused the dog with kerosene, lit a match and set the dog on fire. The dog was screaming in agony and the owner was driving around the Negombo area trying to find a vet. Being in London, I contacted Shivanthi (an associate) who immediately went to the scene. The dog jumped into her car to be taken to a vet for emergency treatment. This innocent, gentle soul lost his battle for life today after suffering immensely since the attack,” an animal rights activist said, Srilanka Mirror reported.