• Cain Velasquez's latest plea for bail has been rejected
  • His defense team argues the presence of traumatic brain injury and CTE from his fighting career
  • Velasquez's attorney Mark Geragos sees a silver lining for the defense

The hopes of Cain Velasquez being set free on bail have once again been shot down following his second court hearing.

Nolan King of MMA Junkie reported the blow-by-blow updates on the hearing and the reasons as to why Judge Shelyna Brown decided not to grant the former UFC heavyweight champion temporary freedom until he enters his plea hearing on June 10.

Velasquez’s defense team, headed by attorney to the stars Mark Geragos, led with the argument that he was suffering from the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and possible CTE due to the years that he spent in mixed martial arts (MMA).

However, the Santa Clara district attorney’s office, represented by Aaron French, vehemently argued that Velasquez’s actions were too deliberate to chalk up to TBI and CTE.

French then allowed the man whom Velasquez allegedly shot, Paul Bender, to take the floor and provide comments as to why the judge should not grant the motion.

“Cain Velasquez has no respect for human life. Cain Velasquez does not care who sees him do this. I am fearful for my life, as well as for the lives of my family. No amount of bail or GPS monitor will stop Cain Velasquez,” he said as quoted by MMA Junkie.

Judge Brown would later give her verdict for the day’s hearing.

“They have presented some evidence that Mr. Velasquez suffers from TBI (traumatic brain injury) and possibly from CTE. They argue that perhaps it’s one of, or both of, these medical concerns or conditions that may have led to a lack of impulse control,” said Judge Brown as she recapped the arguments presented by Geragos’ side.

“The court always appreciates community interest in a case, but the court is not ruled by community opinion at all. The court is ruled only by the law. The law, in this case, is clear.”

For the Mexican-American and his team, the fact that the judge acknowledged that TBI and CTE could have potentially played a factor has given them a sliver of hope.

“Obviously, I respectfully disagree. However, if there is any kind of a silver lining, it’s that the court opined he (Cain Velasquez) has a viable defense,” said Geragos after the hearing.

Velasquez’s troubles with the law began about two months ago when he chased and shot up a vehicle that included Bender and Harry Goularte–a man who was charged with molesting a “close relative” of Velasquez.

With a 20-year sentence staring at Velasquez in the face, his defense team will be working day and night until the June 10 plea hearing where it will be ruled whether the case will extend further to a trial or a settlement will be reached between the two sides.

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