Friends of Carly “Charli” Scott found her car Wednesday night in Maui, but there were no signs of the missing pregnant woman from Hawaii.

“THEY HAVE JUST FOUND CHARLI'S CAR. It was found at the top of [surfing spot] Jaws. The police have been notified,” a Facebook page set up to organize search parties and share information on Scott’s disappearance posted at 6:10 p.m. Wednesday local time.

Scott, who is 27 years old and five months pregnant, has been missing since Sunday night. She was last seen at her sister’s house in Haiku.

Kimberly Scott, Carly’s mother, said her daughter got a call from her ex-boyfriend, Steven Capobianco, asking her to help him after his car stalled on the Hana Highway. Maui police said Capobianco told them Carly Scott was following him in her car towards Haiku, but that somewhere along the way her car vanished, according to Hawaii News Now. The missing pregnant woman was driving a 1997 silver Toyota 4Runner with Hawaii license plates, according to Honolulu television station KITV.

Kimberly Scott said Scott’s dog was found near the highway. But she’s been filled with anxiety as the days pass and her daughter is still missing.

"I can't find anything.  I can't find her," she said. "Of course, I've got every worse nightmare running through my head."

Carly Scott’s sister, Fiona Wais, said her sister is usually reliable, so it’s unusual for her not to be in contact with her family.

“She would never not be in contact,” Wais told Maui Now. “Panicked is the only word I can use to describe how I feel.”

Another search effort to find Carly Scott was scheduled to begin Thursday morning, according to the Facebook page.

“We need high HOPE and the WILL and WANT to find Charli, safe and well with her unborn baby,” said a post about the search.