A fan at the Ralph Wilson Stadium fell from the third-deck stands onto another fan in the stands below during the second quarter of a Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game at the suburban Buffalo venue on Sunday.

Several viewers noticed that a CBS Sports camera happened to capture the fan’s fall during its live broadcast of the NFL game, according to an Associated Press report.

The footage has since been posted on several social media sites and networks, including Reddit, Facebook, Vine and YouTube.

Warning: The footage below may be disturbing to viewers. Discretion is advised.

The fan is seen sliding down a railing in the corner of the frame before his eventual fall backwards into the stands below.

According to the Post-Standard, the man who fell from the stands suffered a shoulder injury, while the man who was hit by the falling man sustained a head injury. Neith injury was considered life-threatening.

The names of the fans have not been released by authorities, and no further information was unavailable at the time of this writing.

The Bills eventually went on to victory, beating the Jets 37-14.

Watch the footage captured of the fan falling from the stands at the Buffalo stadium above.