• Jeremy Lin scored his NBA career-high 38 points against Kobe Bryant in 2012
  • Lin and Kobe became teammates with Los Angeles Lakers
  • Kobe was on their way to Mamba Sports Academy with his daughter Gigi when the helicopter crashed

Jeremy Lin found himself heartbroken yet again when another former NBA teammate was involved in separate tragic accidents in a span of less than a week. The most recent one was, unfortunately, was one of the sports’ treasures.

The former NBA sensation shared on his social media accounts what’s in his mind following the accidental helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA with Lakers great Kobe Bryant on board together with his son Gigi.

In his Twitter post, he, just like everyone else, was in shock upon learning the death of Kobe. Lin and Bryant were teammates when Lin was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he played one season before signing to the Charlotte Hornets.

Hours later, Lin, who now plays in the Chinese Basketball Association for the Beijing Ducks, posted a photo of them as competitors and as teammates in California on his Instagram. He gave props to the multiple-time NBA All-Star, saying life is too precious.

Kobe and Lin had their most memorable encounter during the “Linsanity” era with the latter is still playing for the New York Knicks. In the pre-game interview, Kobe was being poured with questions about Lin, who was averaging 25.3 points and 8.3 assists over his last three games. Kobe replied to the media that he doesn’t know who he is, and doesn’t know what he’s done.

"Players playing that well don't usually come out of nowhere,” Kobe said of Lin after scoring a career-high 38 points. “It seems like they come out of nowhere, but if you can go back and take a look, his skill level was probably there from the beginning. It probably just went unnoticed,” said “Black Mamba”, who had 34 points of his own.

Kobe and his daughter, Gianna, were killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA while they are on their way to Mamba Sports Academy before the accident happened.

Last week, Lin also took to social media his prayers to Chandler Parsons, his former teammate during his tenure with the Houston Rockets. Parsons was involved in a car crash caused by a drunk man, who was later charged with DUI. Parsons suffered multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury”