Thai Couple at Bangrak District
Groom Sakda Kulpanish, 58 and his bride Chongchit Chomworapong, 56, pose with certificate during a Valentine's Day celebration at the Bangrak district in Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 14, 2016. Athit Perawongmetha

Thailand's public health officials handed out prenatal vitamins Tuesday to newlyweds at Bang Rak district, a popular place to receive marriage licenses on Valentine's Day. The Public Health Ministry also gave out licenses to procreate under the "Red-Cheeked Thai Women Bear Children For the Nation with Wonderful Vitamins" campaign announced Wednesday.

"A large number of couples will come and register their marriage licenses [on Valentine's Day], so we will distribute a box of the vitamins along with an informational pamphlet," health ministry director-general Dr. Wachira Pengjuntr said.

As part of the free giveaway, health officials gave out heart-shaped boxes filled with iron and folic acid additives to encourage more women aged 20-34 to bear children, the Associated Press reported. Thailand has a decreased birth rate, which fell from 2.7 in 1970 to 0.4 in 2015. By 2027, it was expected to reach zero. In an attempt to restore population levels, the government has advocated more planned births by married couples.

Pengjuntr said the "Thai way of life is changing" and that women were seeking out higher education and a stronger value on being single.

"Fewer Thai women are getting married, are marrying later or instead staying single because of higher education," Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatyadorn said.

The ministry's pharmaceutical director said the government's budget for the prenatal vitamins was $28,600. Among the couples prepared to tie the knot at the "Place of Much Love" were Worrawut Ploywong and Priyapat Ploywong, ABC News reported.

"As for having babies, I want to have them as soon as we can and as many as we can," Worrawut said. "We wish for many souls to be born."