International CES 2012 is over, but there was so much on display, we couldn't help but put together one more story about devices that are super-futuristic or simply make you go 'whoa!' While some futuristic tech ideas from CES fall into the vaporware category, many of these products are only a year or two from production. High Definition TV's fill this category because there were plenty of super-thin prototypes that couldn't possibly be made cheaply enough to justify their mass production. But, things like waterproof tablet computers and dancing robots do make the list.

Fujitsu's Arrows tablet is waterproof because of a thin piece of rubberized plastic around the edges. It even helps give a better grip on the device. It's got 4G LTE connectivity, a microSD card slot and 1280x800p resolution on its 10-inch screen. The dancing robot is called the mRobo Robot from Tosy Robotics, and it now owes its prominence to having been introduced at the show by singer Justin Bieber. MRobo plays music (two gigabytes of storage) and when in dance mode turns into an 18-inch-tall plastic man of light-footedness. The robot may actually hit stores by the end of the year for around $200. Start the slide show to see five new futuristic devices from CES. Tell us in the comments if you like future tech or if you think it's too much wonkery.