iSyncWave detects what's in the brain. iMediSync, Inc.

It took a decade of research, but iMediSync is finally rolling out its latest innovation iSyncwave at CES 2022. The company is offering free brain screening sessions for the public during a CES 2022 press conference and VIP Tour Program on Jan. 6 in Las Vegas.

As a leading Artifical Intelligence-driven early detection and therapeutic platform for optimal brain health, iMediSync will showcase its latest therapeutic device to detect early mental conditions.

iSyncwave is a comprehensive EEG solution (hardware-software-remote telehealth solution) that can perform brain mental health screening and predictive analysis to detect potential mental conditions in just 10 minutes. It does this by integrating both EEG brain mapping and LED therapy.

Users can expect a complete analysis report of EEG (brainwave) and HRV (heart rate variability) operated by AI deep learning algorithms in just 10 minutes to assess the condition of their brain and any dysfunctionality, including early diagnostic insights that could lead to discovering neuro-related diseases in their early stages.

iSyncWave is an innovative brain-scanning device with high-quality dry EEG sensors that autofit to various sizes and shapes, keeping 10 to 20 system locations, and equipped with matching sex/age Norm DB, according to the South Korean maker.

With the recent addition of software upgrades and an FCC approval, iSyncWave has been exported to the EU, Asia, and Australia for use in research and diagnostics.

"We will provide life-changing mental healthcare experience to introduce neuro-mental illness biomarker and the patent EEG/HRV technology," said iMediSync CEO Dr. Seung Wan Kang in the CES press release.

“iMediSync takes its leap to be a trend leader in the field of telemedicine, and AI medicine, (and) digital therapy will take place in a post-Covid-19 era as an optimized individual mental healthcare service provider,” added Kang.

Headquartered in Seoul, iMediSync proposes an EEG-centric global vision of integrated telemental health care & CNS drug development platform, while cooperating with various neurologists, hospitals in South Korea in the field of Clinical Depression, Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, and other neuro-related diseases to expand the biomarker R&D pipeline.

CES 2022 attendees can catch iMediSync's island booth in the Health & Wellness zone, Tech East-North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #8455 on Jan. 5. The company will hold its press conference and public trial run of iMediSync on Jan. 6, where attendees can expect a complete analysis report of their measured EEG (brainwaves) and HRV (heart rate variability).