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  • One of the suspects lined up the victims against a wall at gunpoint before they were shot
  • Six out of seven victims died instantly
  • The gunmen are still at large

Terrifying footage captured two gunmen opening fire inside a pool hall in Brazil, killing seven people, including a 12-year-old girl, who reportedly laughed at them for losing games.

The incident occurred in Sinop City, in the state of Mato Grosso, Tuesday, Newsflash reported.

The two men reportedly lost two consecutive pool games, and things got out of control when they lost it after the crowd laughed at their bad luck.

The footage, which was obtained and published by the New York Post, showed one of the men lining up the victims against the wall at gunpoint, while the other man grabbed a shotgun from a pickup truck.

After a few seconds, the man holding the pump-action shotgun started his frightening assault, shooting a man in a white T-shirt at point-blank range. He continued the killing, choosing his targets one by one as the other man joined in using his handgun.

As the victims collapsed to the floor, other people in the pool hall scrambled for their lives and immediately ran out into the street. One woman is seen in the footage holding up her arms as the gunmen fled the scene.

On their way out, the attackers managed to grab small amounts of cash on pool tables, as well as a woman's purse.

Six of the victims died instantly. They were identified as Larissa Frasao de Almeida, 12, Orisberto Pereira Sousa, 38, Adriano Balbinote, 46, Getulio Rodrigues Frasao Junior, 36, Josue Ramos Tenorio, 48, and Maciel Bruno de Andrade Costa, 35.

The seventh, Elizeu Santos da Silva, 47, was later pronounced dead.

According to Police Lt. Romening dos Santos Silva, the gunmen, identified as Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira, 30, and Ezequias Souza Ribeiro, 27, came back to get more money after losing the first game, but they lost again later. They went on a killing spree after being mocked.

"The way it happened, it is clear that some victims may not even have been involved with the game that was taking place at the establishment," the officer said.

The gunmen are reportedly still at large.

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