China should continue to prevent inflation and overheating of economic development in the second quarter, especially to control rising prices and curb inflation, the State Development and Reform Commission (SDRC) said Tuesday.

SDRC also pointed out that China should increase the effective supply of coal, power, oil, other raw materials and the daily necessities, as well as inhibit the unreasonable demand. It has not given the exact schedule when the prices of coal and power will adapt to the market prices, but said which should be under the overall consideration of the acceptable scope of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Zhu Hongren, the official of SDRC, said in the 1Q Macroeconomic News Conference that the economic growth rate make a moderate fall in the first quarter, which is consistent with the Country's macro-control policy direction.

Zhu put forward a series of policies and measures at the meeting, including accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, guide the industries orderly transfer from eastern coastal areas to central and western China to promote the regional coordinated, and to prevent the fast export growth of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products.

China's first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) grew 10.6 percent over the previous year, CPI rose 8.0 percent, and in February it up to 8.7 percent, marking a new high over the past 11 months.