China’s retail sales had reached 14 billion yuan (about 2 million Dollars) during the first three days of China National day Holiday, up 15 percent from the same period of last year, China Ministry of Commerce said yesterday.

According to the Data the Ministry of Commerce released yesterday, in the first 3 days, China’s 1000 key retailers reported a total of 14 billion yuan in sales revenues, with household electrical appliances, Jewelry, autumn and winter clothing, cars, leading the consumption.

This was partly due to a policy approved by government this June, aiming to spur domestic consumption by subsidizing buyers of cars and household appliances, according to the ministry.

Suning Appliance, a leading chain retailer of home appliance, has rose 91.7% on Oct.2 compared to the same day last year. In Shanghai Suning Appliance, sales revenues are almost equivalent to normal size in the first three days.

The National day is the traditional boom of weddings in China, so Jewelry is very favored. Beijing Caishihou supermarket, sales revenues reached to 20,260,000 yuan, rose 92.4% up.

Meanwhile, sales of unpacked moon cakes of more flavors, such as coffee, chocolate, and even ice cream are selling well, and at lower prices, when Chinese enjoy their Mid-Autumn Festival on Oct.3, which overlapped with the holiday, according to the ministry.

The National Day Holiday is eight days long this year, from Oct.1 to Oct.8. Especially, China Traditional festival—Mid-Autumn day is on Oct.3 this year, which made all retailers beneficial during the National Day Holiday.